The AM Stretch and Strengthen Program in Detail.

1.  Begin in Shavasana -  Initiate Ojayi Breathe. 

2. Inhale Takes arms out wide into T-position and exhale bring them back to prayer.  

3. Inhale - Stretch your arms over you head.

4. Exhale - bring right knee into check and hug with arms - 3 deep breaths.

5. Take your right knee with left had and pull your knee accross you body to the left hold for 3 deep breaths.

6. Take your right knee with right hand and drop it open.  Hold for 3 deep breaths.

7. Bring you knee back to your check and hold for 3 deep breath then return to step 1 and repeat on left side.

8. Place your feet together and draw your heals toward you gluts and let your knees drop open into reclined combblers pose. Place your hands on the top of your thighs and press your thighs away from you.  This should create an nice stretch on your lower back Hodl for 3 deep breaths.

9. Slide your hands up your thighs to your knees and hug your knees back to your biceps.   Hold for 3 deep breaths.

10. Bring your knees together and hug them into your chess (3 breaths) 

11. Drop you legs to the left while keeping you shoulder on the mat  (3 breaths).

12.  Drop your legs to the right while keeping your shoulder on the mat (3 breaths)

13.  Bring you legs back to the center and extend into shavasana.

14. Next is reclined leg stretchs -  grap your strap please.

15 Bring your right knee to your check and slip the strap over your right arch.