CyclAsana Class Offerings. 
CyclAsana Yoga This is our signature class which fcuses on deep breathing and streching and integrates a complete  core and upper body workout with classic sun and warrior poses. 
Iron Yoga Classic power yoga work out with addition of weight training while in posses.
YIN Yoga Slow paced class designed to stretch connective tissue. Consist of 12 poses which are held for 3+ minutes.
Power Flow A cross between a vinyasa flow and power yoga class.  The class has a short warmup on the ground then moves into the flow section which involves holding a poses for 5 to 10 breaths, doing a pose then doing a flow and moving into the next poses.    You visit  warrior 2, side angle, peacefull warrior, trianlge, bound warrior (adv), half moon (adv),  warrior 1, pyramid, reverse trianlge, warrior 3, tree, and dancer, before returning to the floor for back bends, cool down and shavsana. 
Personalized Classes We offer personalized classes for students that can't attend our normal class schedule. You can pick the areas you wish to work on an I will build the class around your requests. Available for 1 to 4 people