The core of CyclAsana is our complete fitness programs!

Initial Consultation $200 (Consultation,Private Session, Written Plan)

All programs start with a private consultation to asses each person, the assesment includes:

  • reviewing the person’s medical and athletic history
  • testing current fitness, strength and flexibility
  • discussing his/her goals
  • talking about strengths and weaknesses
  • identifying any significant time constraints

From this information I then develop "THE PLAN", which is then be divided into phases depending on time constraints.

  • off-season preparation
  • base training
  • intensity
  • taper and event prep

For each phase we determine the duration and the training volume (total hours for the phase and average hours per week).

Monthly Email Followup $50 (monthly review and consult)

Once "THE PLAN" is finished, I will create a month training schedule in your training peaks account. The workouts are based on the plan and your current fitness. Each plan specifies for each day:

  • purpose of the training
  • modality (running, biking, cross-training, weights, etc.)
  • duration (hours and minutes)
  • the workout (endurance ride, hill climbs, intervals, etc.)
  • the intensity (target heart rate or zone, watts, or perceived exertion)

Once the workouts are done the athlete will upload the workouts to training peaks and make notes on each workout which I will review prior to posting the next workouts. As appropriate, we also talk by e-mail or phone about the athlete’s progress.

Weekly Email Followup $150 (Weekly review and consult)

For the more intense athelete or those with larger goals we recommend our weekly review and consult package.   It gives you more direct contact with the coach and can get lots of questions answered quickly.