Yamas are universal moralitys that we all should follow.

Ahimsa – directly translates into non-violence – but it may also be construed to include compansion, love, respect,  and kindness toward others.   It also encompases self acceptance and self love.   Developmental  stages are no phsycial or verbal injury to others,  no intentional harm to any creature, no negative deeds,  no negative thoughts.

Satya – is truthfulness.  Falsificatoin is the ego’s attempt to reshape reality on its own terms.   The more truthful you are the more fit you are to receive the revalations of Devine Truth.    Cultivate honesty about feelings, let go of masks and habitual reactions.    Developmental stages,   Speak the truth,   but do not speak the thru that is hurtful unless there is no other alternative,  but do not lie to be comforting.  No pretenses,   No  Opinions,  Speaking rarely except to teach or learn.

ASteya – translates into Non-Stealing. Since all needs are divinely supplied, feeling needy is a sign some gift from God has been refused.   Learn to recognize and value all gifts.  Do not waste.  Use all resources carefully without wanting more.    Devopmental stages are  do not take what is not yours, not wanting more that you need, not wanting more than you are given.   A finally not waste  time, both yours and other peoples which is stealing from them.

Brahmancharya – Moderation in all things.  Making peace with sensual cravings or any interest that pull off your center.    Be committed to one partner.   Stage of development would be self containment thru moderate sexuality and diet.   No thought of past or future sense of pleasure.   Freedom from  attachment to pleasure.

Aparigraha  - Non possessiveness – As you learn to distinquish needs from wants, needs become fewer and fewer, life becomes simple and dear.     The first stage of this would be No gread - In practice this would be demonstraced by taking only what you have earned do not take advance of people.   The next stage would reducing needs to wants.   Final stage is getting rid of what you no longer need.